Anne is an amazing piano teacher. She taught my children for 2 years before moving. Not only will your child progress quickly in reading notes/piano playing, your child will feel loved and valued. She absolutely tailors lessons to each individual student’s needs and interests. She found unique and inventive ways to teach my son who is on the autism spectrum/has ADHD. She makes playing fun and gives her students a safe space to learn. I cannot recommend her highly enough! No other teacher will ever compare.

If you want piano lessons tailored for your child, Anne Untch is the teacher for you!!! My children now in college and almost graduating high school took lessons from Ms. Untch when they were in elementary and middle school. Ms. Untch tailored to each of my child’s learning abilities and music interest! She knew how to engage each of my kids. My oldest son was into classic pieces as well as music theory and lots of movie themed and Broadway themed pieces. Ms. Untch channeled his love of music into so many challenging directions. My middle son loved everything big brother liked minus the music theory but yet she was able to sneak in music theory without him even realizing it! She also brought in some history about their classical pieces too! My youngest child also loved Ms Untch so much that when we had to move she wouldn’t take anymore piano lessons simply because she would not have Ms. Untch anymore. Today my boys continue to love playing new and challenging piano pieces even though they have stopped taking lessons when we moved 4 years ago. Thanks to Anne Untch for instilling that love of music in all three of my children! We love and miss her very much! She has made a huge impact in their love of playing the piano to this day! Thank you Mrs. Untch...Matthew-Micah-Hannah!!

Anne is teaching my 4 children piano ages 6-15. My kids love her so much and so do I!

Anne is an amazing teacher! My kids have learned so much and have fallen in love with piano! Thanks Anne!!

My girls loved taking lessons from Anne.  They were challenged and supported in becoming better.  Anytime it seemed like they were struggling to grasp something, she took a step back and tried another approach.  She was always looking for the best way to guide them in growing their skills.  I would recommend Anne to anyone looking for a piano instructor.

Anne truly cares about her students and her students can feel it.  My daughter thrived under Anne's instruction.  Anne's joyful teaching style and positivity built not only my daughter's piano skills, but also her self-confidence.  I can't recommend Anne enough!

My son never had a private music lesson before, and I thought this year would be a good time to start.  We talked to a few people and had an in-person meeting with Anne.  I thought they hit it off right away.  Anne was able to get my son to relax and play/create while she played along with him.  She was able to teach in a non-traditional way where I felt was best suited to my son's needs.  Anne is kind and caring and she had my son's interest at heart.  I am sad that our time was cut short because of the pandemic and her moving.  I would definitely recommend her to any future music creators. 

Anne Untch is the best piano teacher.  Her excitement for the piano positively radiates from her.  Under her care, my daughter felt motivated and excited to learn piano.  She was struggling with the notes and became a note master.

As I looked for a way to enrich my young son’s math mind, I decided to have him try piano.  As we interviewed teachers, I could tell that after the first meeting Anne “got him”.  This was quickly proven as she always knew what he needed and when.  Whether it was creating a game for him to play, using sports analogies, or throwing the theory books out the window, she did it.  Anne epitomizes a master teacher, knowing where to reach a student as well as how to support or stretch them when needed.  When we learned that Anne’s family would be moving away, my son’s repeated statement was that she was one in a million.  I’m grateful for our experience and his opportunity to learn from such a special teacher.  

Mrs. Untch is extremely talented and a patient and wonderful teacher for all ages. She taught many students when she lived in Virginia and we were sad when she moved. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to learn piano no matter their level of experience.

Our daughter took piano lessons from Anne for two years and loved it!  Anne is very passionate about her love of music and she passes that on to her students.  She challenges her students in a positive and fun way. She would always remind my daughter to say “I can do hard things”.  Anne takes the time to build that relationship and connections with her students.  We were very lucky to have her as our piano teacher.  

It is with great pleasure that I write this reference for Anne.  I have known Anne for 4 years.  My son started taking piano lessons with Anne in 2011 and, when my daughter was old enough, she started taking lessons in 2013.  Anne has a love for music that is contagious.  She is friendly, patient, and committed to each and every one of her students.  She is encouraging and positive.  I particularly like the life lessons my children gain during their piano practice as well.  My favorite is “it’s only hard because we haven’t done it yet.”  This resonates into so many other areas of their lives.  Anne is wonderful at gauging her student’s level of ability and knowledge.  Both of my children have a unique approach to learning new things, yet Anne is able to effectively connect with each one in a way that motivates each child to their best.  My children’s piano lessons are tailored to their individual strengths, it is not a “one size fits all” approach and that is why both of my children enjoy practicing the piano and do so happily and voluntarily.  I highly recommend Anne as a piano teacher. 

Anne has taught my two children piano for the last two years. Her excitement to teach students the love of music is inspiring!  I watch her each week use a variety of teaching strategies to make sure all student learning styles are being met.  For my active son it is a lesson that involves movement using the whole body! Anne takes each of her students where they are and pushes them to succeed in a positive and safe environment where it is alright to make mistakes. I highly recommend Mrs. Untch as a piano teacher, her positive, upbeat personality is contagious!

My daughter loves taking lessons from Anne.  Anne is patient, kind, organized, and very creative.  My daughter loves the fun activities that Anne creates to make learning the piano fun.  My daughter looks forward to her lessons every week, and leaves with a huge smile on her face.

Anne is a great piano teacher. She is very energetic and WANTS the kids to have fun while learning. My son can’t believe how fast lessons pass. Practices at home go so smooth because he is actually excited about learning what Anne is teaching him. Anne really cares about each of her students. She not only teaches them about piano but she teaches them life skills as well. We are so grateful she is our piano teacher. 

Anne is an energetic person with the heart of a teacher.  She’s very adaptive to her students’ needs and learning preferences.  Her focus is on fundamentals as well as fun, which pleases the parent and benefits the student.  I’m more than pleased with her approach to piano lessons and how she seamlessly folds in life lessons at the same time.  I whole heartedly recommend Anne!

Anne is an awesome piano teacher. Both of my children have different learning styles and abilities. Anne is able to competently teach each of them in the way they learn best. In addition, they have FUN. I am so pleased we found Anne. Her expectations are high but she provides the instruction in a fun way so the students can master playing the piano.